In mijn mixed media werk onderzoek ik identiteit in een landschap waarin ik normatieve grenzen bevraag. Behalve in het platte vlak en met camera, werk ik ook met beweging en dans.

In my art I intend to question boundaries, question underlying mechanisms of societal and system structures that influence the way we become. In this landscape of more or less forcing normativity I try to unframe and redefine the ways of relating ourselves to the world. Expressing the embodiment of the here and now; embracing the soft forces. In my work I focus on the body, the focal point of being, of our presence and identity.
In making art I use various media. This may be in a mixed and layered manner e.g. in an installation. I sometimes work interdisciplinary integrating movement, word, sound.
I have a special passion for dance and movement, in which I both feel concentration and freedom. Moving means experiencing the body in relation to  space and time. In somatic work and instant composition I explore reading and articulation. It feels enriching and gives an additional dimension to the visual art work I make.
AtelierRoute Utrecht, Vlampijpateliers, September 2023
De Maakfabriek Wageningen, juni 2023
Zimihc Utrecht, Kunstroute de wijk in!, juni 2023
Open vlampijpateliers 2022, november 2022
I'M ONLY HUMAN, installatie, groepsexpo en educatieproject StoringAUB & Politieacademie, april - juni 2022
Galerie Blauwdruck, Zwolle, april 2022
Culturele Ronde Wageningen, april 2022
Museum IJsselstein, expo 'Alles verandert, niets vergaat', onderdeel dansdrieluik, december 2021
kunstsalon stadsatelier Amersfoort, december 2021
Open vlampijpateliers / atelierroute Utrecht, October 2021
FlickFair Festival, August 2021
Kesari Movie Awards, October 2020
Open vlampijpateliers / atelierroute Utrecht, October 2020
Boiler Room Sessions, online performance 'on becoming', July 2020
BBLTHK public library Wageningen, solo exposition, December 2019
BBLTHK public library Wageningen, performance 'on becoming', December 2019
Berlin Short Film Festival, Babylon Cinema, July 2019
Short to the Point Festival, Romania, April 2019
juryprice Culturele Ronde Wageningen, april 2019
Qtopia Queer Arts Festival, Nijmegen, October 2018
The Short Nights of Berlin, Kino Central Berlin, August 2018
Scoop, solo exposition, Utrecht, July 2018
Berlin Art Institute, art spring Festival Berlin, June 2018
Internationaal Filmfestival Assen, Vrouw&Film, March 2018
London Experimental Film Festival, 2017
Stellicher Advocaten Arnhem, Expo 'De Jongste Generatie', October 2017
Kunst Wageningen 2017, September 2017
de Kaaij Nijmegen, August 2017
LISFE Leiden International Short Film Experience, May 2017
DOCK11 Screening Videodance production, Berlin March 2017
Kunstwerkplaats De Blauwe Kikker Arnhem, March 2017
Filmtheatercafé 't Hoogt, Utrecht, October 2016
Kunstnacht Nijmegen, September 2016
Queeristan Amsterdam, July 2016
Art'Otel/5&33, Amsterdam, January 2016
NEW Dutch Photography Talent 2016
FINALS ArtEZ Arnhem, 2015
short cv
teacher fine art/art education
ELAP Embodied Life Art Programme, 2021 - 2023
Storing AUB, course trajectory, 2021
BAK course Art as Politics, Utrecht 2020
Berlin Art Institute  BAI, residencies 2018 & 2019
DOCK11 Videodance course, Berlin
fine art and education ArtEZ Arnhem
great variety of dance trainings and workshops, somatic and floor work in particular
theatre technics: design and production
Wemos international health and nutrition advocacy
Wageningen Agricultural University, health, nutrition and international development